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Ritchie Pools and Spas offers options to add extra months to your pools open duration by adding a heat source. Take advantage of those shoulder months by offering renters the option to heat the pool which can easily pay for itself within the first year!

MAX-E-THERM - High Performance Heater

For indoor or outdoor installations on pools and spas. Features include an LED temperature readout with dual thermostat controls, temperature safety lockout, and 6-position control panel. PMG burner technology requires no outdoor draft hood. Proven Dura-Glas™ rust-proof construction with plastic manifold and PVC union connections. Heavy-duty unit with cupro-nickel exchanger stands up to the harshest of applications, like low pH, high flow or heavy use.


  • Lightweight - Lightest heater in its class
  • Best in class energy efficiency*
  • Compact Design - Ideal for retro-fit installations
  • Easy to Switch - Change gas sources with installation of separate orifice

  • Environmentally Friendly - All units are low NOx
  • Rustproof Housing - Sleek, matte black enclosure is made of Dura-Glas - an exclusive Sta-Rite material that handles the heat and weathers the elements
  • Lower Operating Costs - 84% efficiency rating - rated first in its class for highest energy efficiency
  • Custom or Retrofit - Direct-connects to Sta-Rite System:3® Mod Media filter or easily fits other systems

HEAT SIPHON - Warm Water at the Lowest Cost Possible

Six Reasons to Own a HEAT SIPHON

1. It Saves 24/7- 85 F ($2.50/Day)

HEAT SIPHON is the most EFFICIENT AND COST EFFECTIVE type of Pool or Spa Heater made, PERIOD. A 3.25HP Model HEAT SIPHON will MAINTAIN 85 °F in a 15′ x 30′ pool in PORTLAND, MAINE or MIAMI,FLORIDA for as low as $2.50 per day based on US Dept of Energy Cost Data. Let us size a HEAT SIPHON for YOUR POOL. We'll email you a FREE POOL HEATING ANAYYSIS OF YOUR POOL WITH YOUR FUEL COSTS. Just click on the SHOW ME SAVINGS Tab above and fill out the simple HSA request form.

2. For Years

HEAT SIPHON will keep on saving because it’s CORROSION PROOF. With an electrically isolated Titanium heat exchanger, PVC cabinet, stainless steel hardware it is BUILT TO LAST with designed in longevity using PROVEN RELIABLE HEAT PUMP TECHNOLOGY- it will DELIVER that fuel savings YEAR AFTER YEAR.

3. Worry Free

HEAT SIPHON has the STRONGEST WARRANTY in the pool heating industry. LIFETIME heat exchanger corrosion warranty WITH NO CHLORINE LIMITATIONS. FIVE FULL YEARS parts and labor on the compressor – NOT PRO-RATED like other heat pump manufacturers.

4. Simply Set It and Forget It

Whether you use the simple TWO BUTTON interface on our NEW Digital HEAT SIPHON or turn the single knob on our PROVEN Analog model, HEAT SIPHON will automatically maintain your pool or spa at the temperature you desire within 1°F – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As long as your pool pump is filtering your pool, HEAT SIPHON is keeping it warm. Swim ANYTIME day or nght, rain or shine.

5. Quietly

HEAT SIPHON is quieter than your pool pump with its low noise fan design, sound absorbing vacuum-formed plastic cabinet and noise dampening rubber isolation bushings used to mount the compressor. The Scroll compressor models generate even less noise by eliminating pistons and valves and using a pair of eccentrically mounted scrolls to compress the refrigerant gas.

6. Environment Friendly

Heat Siphon reduces CO2 emissions by 36 to 46% by moving heat from the air instead of BURNING FUEL to MAKE HEAT like FOSSIL FUEL POOL HEATERS DO!